In the last years we had the chance to work on some realy cool cars, both from ourselves, as of good friends.

Here you see a small collection on what we do, and have done in the past.

Enjoy.. :-)

1970 Porsche 356 coupe Replica

1966 Highroof t1

1957 Oval Ragtop

Porsche 356A replica

Correct Dutch registration

Basic build, for you to customize

Status: Sold to Germany

Very rare 1966 highroof
German production

Blasted, welded and epoxy primed

Status: Sold to Germany

1957 Oval ragtop

Older resto

Stratos Silver

Status: Sold to France

57 oval, older resto

Sunny older restoration

1956 with no rust, with cool looks

white walls, pop-out windows

Status: Sold to Poland

1966 Super Solid Camper

Super solid 1966 camper
Perfect base for a resto or drive as as

Has Dutch TUV

Status: Sold to France

1965 double door Firetruck

Extremely rare 1965 double door 

original dutch fire brigade truck

Perfect base for a resto or drive as is

Status: Sold to Germany

VW SP2 Brasil

We slammed this SP2 as low as you can, without airride.

Rolling on custom MW-style wheels, available in our shop. 

Status: Sold to Belgium

1974 vw 181

Original a war vehicle, we lowered it with dropped beetle spindles, and adjustable springplates. Some cosmic wheels to finish to look. 

Status: Sold to Belgium

57 oval, super Patina

Nobody can beat original patina.

This 1957 oval was a solid base with the correct looks. Perfect to restore or slam it and cruze arround.

Status: Sold to the Netherlands

550 Spyder scan / buck

We are working on a 3d model from scanned data of a original Porsche 550 Spyder.

This model will be used to build a fullscale wooden buck, to make an 1:1 aluminium body.

Status: Work in Progress


Inspired by the famous Porsche Glocker 50s racing car, we are designing a tribute car to be built on a full vw beetle chassis. 3d model is ready, next step is the wooden buck.

Status: Work in Progress

3d scanning

With our state of the art 3d scanner we can scan any car and turn it into a point-cloud to be used for cad engineering. 

Status: Available


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